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URGENT: CoVid 19 Frequency Solutions Found, Not a Typical Virus w/ Sharry Edwards & James Marshall
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What is happening
Published 25 days ago |
Sarah Westall

Scientist Sharry Edwards and Musical Composer/Writer James Marshall join the program to discuss frequency solutions for the CoVid 19 virus. What we have learned is that this virus is like no other virus that has ever hit mankind. As such, most scientists and intellectually honest individuals believe it is a very sophisticated bioweapon. Sharry Edwards shares the frequency solutions that you can use with a Rife machine or Sound Generator. We also discuss the sound file that James Marshall is constructing for people to use and share. You can find all of these links at under this show page (will be Friday 3/6 - please be patient as these are loaded on the website).

You also can go to to learn more, sign up for a free frequency class, & to test yourself to see if you have the CoronaVirus

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