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Rising Pestilences Plus Pharmaceutical Shortages Make Medical Tyranny a Near Certainty in 2023
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JD Rucker
Published 3 months ago |
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Medical tyranny has been ubiquitous in some form or fashion across the world for nearly three years. It ebbs and flows in severity with 2022 ending on a relatively free note. But the next wave of Pandemic Panic Theater is already in motion and the powers-that-be are adding a new wrinkle to the mix for 2023.

Shortages of common drugs ranging from child fever reducing medication to antibiotics are already hitting. It's going to get worse as we get deeper into winter. Some are predicting that by Spring of 2023 we will be in a full-scale pharmaceutical catastrophe as supply chains break down and shortages extend to other medications.

This makes sense when we consider the machinations of the globalist elite cabal bent on ushering in The Great Reset. Establishing public-private partnerships that put the power in the hands of unelected corporate officials is one of the keys to their success. There's already an unofficial public-private partnership operating from the shadows in which the CDC and FDA trade talent back and forth with Big Pharma. Today's regulators are tomorrow's Pfizer VPs. Today's Moderna executive directors are on tomorrow's medical boards to determine the safety of new drugs. The relationship between Big Pharma and the government groups tasked with regulating them is downright lecherous.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I listed the coming medical tyranny as one of ten machinations from the globalist elite cabal to expect in 2023. If all we had to deal with was a pharmaceutical shortage, we would be okay in the long run. But the powers-that-be appear to be planning another round of Pandemic Panic Theater. Lockdowns combined with a shortage could devastate the masses, prompting calls for government to do something. That's exactly what they want.

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