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Perfect Society
Published 2 months ago |
1 End the war in the Ukraine 2 Repair the cyber attack damages in stead of declare martial law 3 create an only cash society 4 Use Blue Force Tracking in stead of genocidal "green zone" Concentration Death Camps where 50 risk group people are concentrated in schools and houses confiscated by the genocidal Freemason infiltrated governments ("You vill own nothing" WEF "prediction")🌐

An only cash society makes sense after a cyber attack on the virtual fiat currency banking system. 💰 A cashless society with only virtual money that can be switched off or hacked again does not. After an E M P (Electro Magnetic Pulse) a cashless society would be gone again, an only cash society would still be there. Stop the cashless society scammers! Prevent them from making us all "own nothing" and exterminating us with slow kill Gene Drive mass extinction technology inoculations which they will call vaccines tied to a basic income to genocide 7 billion people selectively.

Ways to end the war: 1 Surrender Zelenskyy 2 Stop sanctioning, let Putin invade 3 Putin pull out troops, do not invade! 4 Turn Ukraine into a neutral zone 5. Arm 40 mil Ukrainians 6. Arrest Putin 👮 ☮

HOW ISRAEL HARDWARE BACKDOORED EVERYTHING( 1) : Brendon O'Connell : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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