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Mines of Titan (1989, PC)
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Published 2 months ago |
Mines of Titan (also known as Mars Saga) is an RPG developed by Westwood and published by Infocom. It was also released for C64 and Apple II.

In the year 2055, mankind has established colonies on Mars. But these colonies are prison colonies, and there normally is no way to leave. You take the role of Tom Jetland who is unfortunate enough to be stuck on Mars. However, there is a chance for him to leave, if he finds out what happened to Proscenium, a new outpost that has gone silent.

Mines of Titan is played from a first person perspective. Similar to Bard's Tale or SSI's Goldbox games, combat is mostly random encounters. You can choose to let the computer calculate the result of the fight, watch the computer playing out the fight (you can take control at any time) or play the fight yourself. Combat is turn-based and it is displayed from a top-down view. You can move your characters in a combat area. Usually, there are obstacles or corners to hide from shots.
If you gain enough experience, you can increase your skills at various places, there is no leveling system.
You start the game controlling Tom. You can hire up to five other characters for your party. Characters can be hired at nightclubs, restaurants, barracks etc. There is no real character creation. You choose to look for a certain class, and you will get a random character. You can either keep him/her or look for another (i.e. reroll), but that's about it.

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