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NEW WARZONE BLACKOPS Coldwar Season One Royale Video - MYSTORY Nr39
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Published 7 months ago |
NEW WARZONE BLACKOPS Coldwar Season One Royale Video - MYSTORY Nr39
Call Of Duty Coldwar Battle Rebirth gameplay

Call Of Duty BlackOps Coldwar online season one warzone.
New Warzone map.
Rebirth Island gameplay.
Cod Coldwar Battle Royale Adler and gameplay video.
#battleroyale, #newmap, #rebirthisland, #adler,
#markarov, #wepaons, #outdoor,
#cod, #blackops,

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0:00 - WARZONE

Hello World, Hello Viewers!
Finally the day has come for Call Of Duty Warzone to get a new map.
Warzone got a new mode and the map Rebirth Island for us to Fight epic battles.


There are now some of the weapons that I always wanted to try since I heard that they exist in Black Ops Coldwar.
I think that I like the differences between the first set of weapons and the new old-school ones.


It is fascinating that Call Of Duty has managed to become a free Battle Royale game with Non-Battle Royale modes too.
I thought that this make sense to mention.


It is cool to be here to make some weird videos about the start of a new season in a free game that a bunch of people can play at the same time, called a multiplayer game.
Feel free to drop many comment and follow me so I can know which content you like.


The new small map is perfect for me failing many times.
Rebirth Island is a map on and island as the name suggests and if you fall in the water you get screwed.

20:00 - ADLER

I saw of course some scenes of Adler from Call Of Duty Blackops Coldwar because apparently Warzone is getting bigger and bigger over time.
This can be considered as the end or the last part of this post so feel free to see the connection with the next post and keep in mind that I ask you to do what I wrote in this respective section of the previous post.
My wish-list of things you can do to help me is quiet long.
Yours Sincerely,

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