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Newsbreak 123: Mask Hitlers in Stores/Banks in USA, with Rob Rubin, Transparent Media Truth
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Ramola D Reports
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Published 3 years ago
Candid discussion of Mask Hitlers denying services to the Great Unmasked in Braintree, South Shore Mall at the Apple and H&M Stores in defiance of all laws and protections against discrimination with video clips of managers seeking not to be filmed while blatantly denying civil rights, refusing to accept mask exemptions and citing "store policy" for their recalcitrance. Is it "Store Policy" or is it discrimination? Masks inhibit breathing and are a medical device and this writer stopped to inform the world of their rights after being denied entry into the Apple Store on May 13 with a small address to those present and here watching, in video clip included in this broadcast. The lady at H&M was quite cordial but most recalcitrant and refused to back down from her "store policy" stance. This writer is in the process of sending both stores written complaints to Legal Depts at Apple and H & M and has submitted complaints by email and phone to both stores. As Rob points out, people need to stop complying. The masks are obnooxious tools of servitude and doctors have spoken out in numbers discussing their uselessness to prevent disease; further, as stated outside Apple, there is NO pandemic, but there IS a massive Psy Op ongoing--and people need to wake up and stop playing along, because rights are being removed this way. Standing up for your rights and everyone else's is exactly the right thing to do.
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