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How to MINDMAP and why you should | Adrian
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For The Love of Truth
Published 10 months ago |
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Do you mindmap? If not then may I suggest you take a look and give it a go? Developed by Tony Buzan, a genius.

Learning how to mindmap back in the early 1990s completely changed my life and approach to learning, note making. not taking and pretty much everything else. Meeting Tony Buzan was an eye opening and mind altering event.

Finally I had been given the keys to my brain and could produce on paper what was going on inside my head and get to see the big picture and all the detail at the same time. I could get stuff out of my head quickly, efficiently and then work with it. Nothing is faster and more accurate for learning and mastering information than mindmapping.

I would encourage you to start with paper drawn maps. Combining them with computer mapping is a very powerful mix. Each type of mapping has its place and I am still very fond of hand drawn maps.

Master the basics first - do at least 100 sticking to the basics and then develop your own style.

How to Mindmap:;t=3s

Youtube search for Tony Buzan:

Books - Tony Buzan has written many books on the Subject such as:

Mind Map Mastery:

The mind Map Book.

Mind Maps for Kids:

Hint: You might be able to find copies as pdfs and other file formats with a little internet searching in case you want to try before you buy :-)

You don't have to be even a little artistic. You may find your drawing and other skills improve as you mind map, mine certainly did. As you use more of your brain all things improve.

These are to give you ideas and inspiration (like I said though maps can be fast and rough, these are far from that):

iThoughts HD:


Great for collaboration. I also use their task boards for planning the videos.

Linux: View your mind:

Supplies I use for hand drawn maps:
Staedtler 334 Triplus Fineliner Superfine Point Pens, 0.3 mm, Assorted Colours, Pack of 20:

Staedtler 323 Triplus Colour Fibre-Tip Pens, 1.0 mm, Assorted Colours, Pack of 20:

KOH-I-NOOR 5311 5.6mm Diameter Mechanical Clutch Lead Holder Pencil - Black:

KOH-I-NOOR 5900 2mm Diameter Mechanical Clutch Lead Holder Pencil- Black:

KOH-I-NOOR 2B Grade Graphite Lead for 2mm Diameter 120mm Mechanical Pencil:

Faber-Castell TK-FINE 2315 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil - Black

Pilot Hi -Techpoint V7 Cartridge System Pen Black Ink:

Pilot BXC-V5 / V7 Black Refill Replacment Spare Liquid Ink Cartridges For Hi-Tecpoint V5 & V7 Cartridge System Rollerball Pen (Pack Of 3 - 9 Cartridges):

LAMY 2000 Medium Nib Fountain Pen (NOT cheap!) I use oblique medium:

HP Papers CHP852 A4 90 gsm FSC Premium Paper, White:

ALSO very useful to have 100 gsm A3 paper on hand
and some files to keep things in.

Oxford Black n' Red, A4 Notebook Hardcover, Casebound, Plain Notebook, 192 Page, 1 Notebook:

As always please do your own research, thinking and draw your own conclusions.

If this resonates with you and you feel, as I do, that it is worth sharing please share as far and as wide as you see fit.

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