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The One and Only Nation Written in the Stars - Part 3: The Nation of Divine Destiny Fully Revealed
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Published 2 years ago |
According to Scripture, the wrath of God will soon fall on "ALL the nations" of this world (Isaiah 34:1-2). Could that include America? What about the word ALL don't you understand? America gets no special pass exempting it from righteous judgment against the corruption and evil that now permeates this land. Some are putting up a valiant fight against the corruption, but at this point the die is cast, and America is already lost with the other nations - even if many can't allow themselves to believe it yet. It is for this hour that YHWH has preserved a nation that IS NOT a nation of this world! It is a Holy Nation that He has kept for Himself. It is to His Holy Nation that all of the righteous must flee, to get out of the corrupt nations of the world before the punishment due them falls upon them. That's why we must look up at the stars, to see His nation, written there before time by our loving Creator, to point the way for us in these critical days. The stars and the Scriptures agree. There is a nation of Divine Destiny written in the stars, and more importantly, in the Word, to make a way for the righteous to flee the swiftly coming wrath.

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