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Who Legally Owns You, the Country, & Your Assets w/ John Singleton
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WARNING - Whilst I applaud the researcher in the video for trying to piece all together there are errors in the research. It is noted out of the gate that the Website is likely not what the presenter thinks it is for we know the history of the organization as Anna Von Reitz explains.
"The United States of America = Federation of States = September 9, 1776.The united States of America = Confederation of States of States = March 1, 1781.Now we have a bogus "Private Membership Association" promoting itself as something called "The United States of America 1781" and claiming to "be" The United States of America.Hello?They are claiming something that is literally impossible.Why? Because The United States of America wasn't formed in 1781.These people are nutcases. Ignorant nutcases. Full article:

This is extremely important for everyone to see and expose just how crooked the United States - States and the BAR actually is. We all are being subjected to trafficking of persons and human trafficking. We are being ruled by Domestic Terrorists. engaged in crimes against humanity!

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason from each state of the Masons is apparently running the state which is under the foreign Crown Corporation, "STATE OF STATE" which is ran by criminals of the foreign Crown Templar / B.A.R. agents who are trafficking every man, woman, and child across America. This video exposes the entire reasons for the creation of and ... by Sarah Westall
Published on Aug 27, 2019

Who is Behind the Bonds and Your Enslavement?
GAO – Government Accounting Office
Bid Bond (Standard Form 24)
Payment Bond (SF 25A)
Performance Bond (SF 25)
Understanding the CUSIP Conundrum (2 parts)
If you have a social security number, you cannot be a U.S. Citizen (there is no such thing) and you have no nationality, and you are a resident alien and defined as an enemy of the state where you live. In other words, you are a resident alien because the assignment of the SSN caused your person (your legal identity) to be trafficked into an internal revenue trust in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or the American Samoa. You are not a citizen of any country, or a national, you are the property of the United States, a franchise of the East India Trading Co. and your person is being held inside one of these “city-states” or districts:
The money you pay in taxes, any tax, is being collected against you, not as a tax, but a tribute for the church known as the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The church is forcing you to pay tribute for the exercise of your intangible property rights, collecting against you through traffic courts, state agencies, IRS, etc. See its website here, It’s an agency of the Pope and you can see how it has an arrangement with the associations that comprise the United States, in which the so-called states are nothing but lieutenancies (agencies) of the church, to get your property and give it to the church through the Lawyer’s Guild. Here is one example:
Notice how the “states” are grouped together as a collection of districts, or an agent (lieutenancy of the church), with the sole purpose to extract money from people who live there as resident aliens, people without a nation.
Here is how you discover the individual behind each of the fifty “states” that is responsible for running this system (everything from traffic tickets to family court taking children), search the Internet for the phrase “Most Worshipful Grand Master” and then add in the name of your state (here is the one for New York, and this is the one for California The governor and attorney general’s offices of your state answer to the “Most Worshipful Master” of that state (which is nothing but a private membership association).
People without a nation have no rights because they have no obligations under any social compact (Law of Nations). The Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution are not the laws that run the United States. The United States operates under a foreign monarch, the Pope and under Napoleonic code and ecclesiastical Law (canons). .... go to website for more....

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