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Published 3 months ago |

Amazon is censoring reviews because they know that the narrative is more important than any one episode of any one show. If you don't watch The Rings Of Power, that's fine, but if you really want this BS to stop, we need to make the phrase "Amazon's Lord Of The Rings" synonymous with garbage. ----- Join the community discord! ► Watch Us LIVE (And Click Dat Sub Button!) ► GB Archive Channel ► Dev Kit Channel ► SFO Backups Channel ► ----- SUPPORT THE SHOW: BTC:bc1q6udqgvfm9uaj59l24ut7f73wvsfu707kk6pn3m SubscribeStar! ► Streamlabs! ► Patreon! ► Paypal! ► Humble Bundle Affiliate Link! ► Amazon CAN Affiliate Link! ► Amazon USA Affiliate Link! ► Amazon CAN Wishlist! ► Amazon USA Wishlist! ► ----- SFO-CIAL MEDIA! HYUK HYUK DA TWEETS ► DA FACES ► DA GABS ► DA MINDS ► DA PARLERS ► DA STEAMS ► ----- Credits: Thumbnail ► amazon's fan pen Background ► Music ► #lotr #LordOfTheRings #RingsOfPower

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