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EPOCH TV | Dr. Mobeen Syed: Pandemic Destruction and the Emergence of Anti-Antibodies
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Published 10 months ago

EPOCH TV | American Thought Leaders [clip]

Dr. Mobeen Syed: Pandemic Destruction and the Emergence of Anti-Antibodies 

“It becomes scarier the more you learn about it and the more new studies are coming up. Instead of making it better, every new study demonstrates some new alarming outcome.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mobeen Syed, also known as DrBeen, noticed there was a lack of unbiased, accessible information about both the virus and the vaccine. Using his skills as a physician and software engineer, he started making simple online medical lectures and illustrations about COVID. Today, he has over 1,000 videos and tens of millions of views on his YouTube channel.

“We found that spike protein for mRNA was present in mothers’ breast milk, which means the lipid nanoparticle traveled all the way to the breast tissue, and that means everywhere,” explains Dr. Syed. “Breast milk is produced when you take a cell and you take one-third of the cell and pinch it off, and that becomes milk. So whatever is inside the cell is donated to the baby. So, the mother really gives a part of her body to the baby. So now, if the mRNA is sitting in there, it actually goes in the breast milk. This was a fascinating new discovery for me.”

Dr. Syed says that while he tries to focus only on the medical outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than the associated politics, he is disturbed by the political and financial elements, and is worried that if another pandemic occurs, our response to it will be the same.

“If a simple doctor like me, who is only reading the studies, can infer that the vaccine’s design should change, the receptor motif should be removed so that we don’t end up with anti-ACE2 antibodies, don't you think that the people who are more capable and are in this field and in this profession of virology and vaccinology—they would know it better? That lack of interest? That baffles me,” says Dr. Syed.

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