EPISODE 57: U.S. Births Last Year Fell to Lowest Since 1979
179 views • 1 month ago

This Time article attempts to blame falling U.S. birth rates on the economic instability of wealthier countries, the pandemic, lack of paid family leave, healthcare cost, childcare cost, student loans, political polarization, work instability, healthcare access, global conflicts, unstable working hours, and even climate change. The irony is the article’s proposed solution is more government when it is that very same government that is the root cause of every single problem listed above. The economic instability of wealthier countries is caused by nonsensical policies and regulations imposed by the government. The non-scientific response to the pandemic destroyed the middle class, small business, supply chains and education; to name a few. If the private sector was less regulated they’d fiscally be able to accommodate longer paid leave for families. Healthcare costs and access would increase if the medical industrial complex was a true free-market. Global conflicts would not be a factor domestically if we made our own bed before trying to clean someone else’s room. If our governmental body hadn’t steered the culture away from single income households, work stability and childcare wouldn’t have become a potential hindrance. Finally, “climate change”, really?! Climate alarmism was created and is perpetuated by our government despite the scientific contradictions as a system of control and distraction. The real problem is big government and our only way out of this predicament is to prioritize the nuclear family, encourage our youth to marry as soon as possible, restructure our economy to support young families, deregulate in favor of free-markets, bring back Judeo-Christian objective moral standards, enforce our constitution as it is written, bring trades back to high school, put patriotism back in schools, put education back in school, enforce legal immigration, and finally, we the people need to elect leaders that serve the people in place of themselves.


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