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Richard Mack is a retired Sheriff from Graham County, Arizona. He correctly states that the County Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in America, and thus he is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country. A County Sheriff has more power "in his county," as far as law enforcement is concerned, than any other law enforcement officer/agency or even politician at the city, county, state or federal level. This is TRUTH, and is still taught in law enforcement academies today. If we only had Sheriff Departments (NO OTHER LEOs period) that only enforced the US Constitution & Bill of Rights (NO OTHER LAWS period), just think how great the USA would be. The Federal Government is supposed to be very small, and only dealing with international affairs. We are called the United States because of state power over federal power in our Constitutional Republic. Sheriff Richard Mack, as well as many other County Sheriff's, are finally saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No laws, executive orders, or even court decisions can OVERRIDE the Supreme Land of the Land - THE US CONSTITUTION. If the USA goes into Civil War or an Anarchy Revolution, the people will most assuredly need their County Sheriff's to be awake, aware, and on their side. This is a BIG STEP in the right direction, but the only true way to achieve Freedom is to get rid of ALL rulers, and politicians are rulers. The definition of ANARCHY simply means absence of government -- no gods, no masters. Each human being is sovereign and in-charge of their own life. There is NOTHING more precious in our lives than FREEDOM & LOVE on earth. Conscious beings are not Political Activists, they are ANARCHISTS. A Truther does not a Conscious Being make.

Sheriff Richard Mack states, "The enforcement of any “law” or policy contrary to the Constitution is criminal and morally reprehensible. I applaud the many sheriffs, peace officers and public servants who have refused to arrest or cite the people who have chosen to go about their lives UNENCUMBERED. If you believe your elected County Sheriff should be protecting your Constitutional Rights & Freedoms, even if it means defying your State’s Governor, then let your County Sheriff know this, and let him or her know that they do not stand alone! If you organize protests in your community or at your State Capital, invite your Sheriff to be part of that protest."
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