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Stefan Molyneux
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Published 2 months ago

How do you convince someone a job is not just about the money, even though you understand it’s important. Let’s say you are offered a job at a company that pays 6 figures but they have DEI hiring practices or if they are union but you personally don’t agree with unions, in spite of all the “benefits”. How do you stand on principals in the face of an increasingly hostile job market?

My first son won the genetic lottery when it comes to looks, now my wife is pregnant with our second one, and, it pains me to admit this as the father, based on the ultrasounds it looks like he was not so lucky. Without going into detail, there is a big chance he will be bullied/rejected his entire life because of his looks, and I presume it will also cause a lot of envy with his older brother.

Do you have any advice for me as father, and for my future son to navigate the possible bullying/rejection and keep his self-esteem up, especially at an early age, when I know other kids will be cruel to him?

Can severe migraines be caused by an abusive or traumatic childhood? I have a coworker that gets debilitating headaches with 10/10 severity (e.g., crying in agony) semi-regularly, yet imaging and MRIs reveal no physical abnormalities. I haven't been able to delve too much into his childhood, but know his parents divorced, and he's a bit unstable overall. He added these migraines started up again recently after he and his siblings began planning their mother's 60th birthday.

I already recommended therapy since I think that's a good idea in general for any one. Just curious if you had heard anything about childhood trauma lying dormant for decades only to manifest in this way years or even decades later.


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