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The Underground Silk-Railroad Communique - BREAKING - was just sent this!! Biden leaked ZOOM call!
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Children Are NOT Sex Toys!
Published 4 months ago |
From JSF:

Biden is the most racist president in American history. He speaks out strongly against minorities and say they have doomed America's future on this leaked zoom call.

Biden's campaign was a bold faced LIE and the few fools that did vote for him got SUCKERED.

UPDATE: Apparently, after the following speech by Trump, the deep state freaked out:

Alex Jones is claiming they will attempt to remove him within a week to prevent him from "making a big announcement". I say Trump had better get moving with whatever he has planned, the semi is coming he had damn well better floor it.

I saw an interesting post by someone who claimed that during recent concrete work at the white house, all the regular people were required to leave and a nuclear weapon was placed there, in the concrete. I was going to ignore this until it received the sharpest trollage I have ever seen, with no debunking it, only attempts to shred the poster's character. That's a damn sure indicator it might be true. Nuclear blackmail anyone?

Remember the post I had a few years ago about how somehow all the helium 3 - which is used in nuclear bomb detectors - vanished? That's how they'd smuggle a nuke in.

[VfB: let me add something - Rising Stars by JMS]
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