Situation Update, Mar 15, 2023 - The entire western financial system will self-annihilate under WOKE rule
35614 views • 03/15/2023

0:00 Financial Collapse

10:12 Russia

19:45 Stablecoin

25:48 The Cult of Stupidity

1:22:35 An interview with Sam Friedman and "The Greek"

- The DISEASE of wokeism will destroy western civilization

- The most incompetent people are chosen to lead every institution

- Those institutions FAIL: Finance, tech, science, medicine, education, government

- Mainstream cowards are too intimidated to stand up against woke insanity

- Under the banner of "tolerance," they allow their civilization to be destroyed

- There's nothing that the WOKE can't get away with: Child mutilations, financial fraud, genocide

- Getting BLACK PILLED: There is no viable mechanism by which western civilization can avoid collapse

- The ENTIRE US banking system is bankrupt, missing $2 trillion in deposits

- The Fed will print money until it all ends in hyperinflation and systemic banking collapse

- Free market capitalism is DEAD, while no one in charge even understands free markets anymore

- How whites have gamed the system against blacks and women by claiming to be TRANS

- Understanding the social hierarchy of victimhood and how it's weaponized against everybody

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