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27yr old Triathlete doctor who said vaccines work get your vaccine was right. It worked. She died
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Published 2 years ago

Jim Crenshaw

Unsafe and defective. That is 5 in the same basic group of doctors in 6 days. All young and "healthy". They think they are healthy. (Nice chemtrails in the jpeg picture attached to this video by the way)

TORONTO — This story has been circulating online since last week. We held off on writing about comedienne Heather McDonald collapsing on stage in February, immediately after bragging about her booster shot, because the story was far too crazy to believe. Ms. McDonald confirmed the details a couple days later; and we reported on it thereafter. The instant story is equally insane. And now it makes sense why mainstream media initially only reported on the first of four Ontario-area doctors’ deaths in a six-day stretch.

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