Sanitizing Safety,com - Child Risk Prevention - Alcohol Content Contaminants in Hand Sanitizer - Video Short
15 views • 08/31/2020
Sanitizing is a public awareness campaign that explains the risks of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sanitizing products - especially with children - and FDA recalls for alcohol contamination. Alcohol-free sanitizing products made with Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) are a readily available alternative, kill bacterial and virus, and one identified with a unique mode of action / mechanism of action causes cell walls to rupture and die. BZK is an organic salt and quaternary ammonium compound (QAC).

In an ongoing alcohol hand sanitizer recall, as of 8/31/2020, the FDA has issued warnings and press releases for:

Methanol contamination
1-propanol contamination
Water bottles & food containers with added flavoring

Ingesting hand sanitizer can be deadly.
1/3 "shot" of methanol = blindness
1 "shot" of methanol = death

BZK is alcohol-free
Learn about alcohol-free hand sanitizer & sanitizing products at
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