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Everything You Need to Know about 5G with David DeHaas
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Published 2 years ago |
We are here to inform our community of its rights as pertains to Wireless technology and work with our elected officials to offer responsible technology to our cities throughout the State of Idaho. HTTP://

The growth of 4G & 5G Small Cell Wireless Transmission Facilities has been fast and exponentially powerful as higher frequencies continue to saturate the air space around us and come into our homes, our schools and businesses. Boise is a test city for this technology.

We are here to raise the alarm on the mass deployment of this novel technology. There is currently little to no monitoring of power output nor safety precautions by our local city & county governments. These Small Wireless Transmission Facilities are being placed in our neighborhoods next to our homes without our consent.

We are demanding that our cities to adopt a safe Wireless Zoning Ordinance. Current wireless ordinances allow unneeded 4G & 5G Cell Towers to blanket our residential streets with harmful microwave radiation. The City of Boise code allows cell tower antennas 30 inches from homes and is approving new towers every day.

Let’s be smart and keeping cell towers a safe distance from residential neighborhoods and school zones. High speed large bandwidth “Broadband” internet should and for the most part already is safely hardwired to our homes and schools. We are advocates for DSL, Cable & Fiber Optic “Hardwired” Broadband, NOT 4G & 5G “Wireless” broadband. Hardwire broadband is faster, more secure, and does not emit harmful microwave radiations 24/7.

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