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Irrelevant Belief Can Still Be Beneficial But Knowledge Wins - Open Minded True Media Roundtable
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 10 months ago |
We can't know everything, everyone believes something. Alike, perceptions cannot fully align with the line of truth (hence the phrase "staying in line"). Yes, we can TRY to know as much as possible and base our actions on KNOWLEDGE not belief, as such is why belief is irrelevant, but that doesn't mean the belief is ALWAYS WRONG or results in WRONG-DOING. Some beliefs can teach us knowledge, and knowledge will help base beliefs. Thus, the diagram (thumbnail) I created with circles and squares over and over one another. This represents how the circle archetype and the square archetype relate. Rigid &/or Holistic, Micro (small, more-closed) &/or Macro (big, open) Thinking. The nature of belief as anything in nature, ALL HAS REASON for it's existence, humans have a hard-wiring to believe. If we are to get rid of beliefs, you would be messing with many aspects thereof imagination and tradition, thus eliminating culture and impairing mythology (which may include truths unknown or nescient). Belief, unlike truth, lacks definition for the very reason that it is isn't based on definition. Children need imagination, it is good for them to believe (DEPENDS ON SOURCES and WHAT IT CAUSES THEM TO DO), and they don't have to disrupt their beliefs in time by an outright realization of a "lie", but rather, an even greater understanding and reasoning behind the WHY of ALL. Good teaches us bad, bad teaches us good. It helps to focus on the root cause, which is not eliminating the belief in traditions or mythology, it is eliminating manifested practical KNOWN EVIL (statism). Nobody should have a close mind or stay in their echo-chambers, as if one truly understands the world around them, they will see the contradictions (ironies) EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE to learn EVEN MORE as to the WHY & REASON (yin/yang, finding balance between randomness and determinism with one another in alignment with their intended function seeking alignment). Life is all about learning. The nature of belief is often knowledge not holistic (whole); doesn't make it bad, makes it something to-be-conscious-of on how it affects our actions, and if it is replacing our knowledge. A "holiday" based on belief doesn't make it wrong, it makes it, if anything, IRRELEVANT (in light of natural law knowledge) although it can come of some good and some bad depending on MANY factors of KNOWLEDGE (and of many people and different forms of belief, some based on knowledge) and thus we have bigger problems to face that are more definitive. Beliefs CAN be good when turned to faith or is based on knowledge, having to make decisions acknowledging they don't have FULL knowledge of what will objectively (truthfully) happen. Religions as beliefs-turned-faiths can bind and constrict or bring together and join. As I said in the video, "faith is the component that comes thereafter belief with the dependency of knowledge", as also stated it's with the addition of trust; note that faith can be also binding to good or bad aspects.
This was hosted by Chris Jantzen Of End Evil.
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