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The Coming Alien False Flag Psyop
Published 10 months ago

For several decades, UFO researchers have been warning about a nefarious Deep State plan for a false flag alien invasion that was privately revealed by Dr Werner Von Braun as far back as 1974. Among the most prominent recently revealing such a plan has been Dr. Steven Greer, who's latest warning came in his 2021 documentary film, The Cosmic Hoax. In it, he detailed the complex preparations for the invasion, which is imminent according to Greer’s sources and analysis.

However, there is another kind of alien false flag event that is more complex and far more devious than what is revealed in the Cosmic Hoax. More importantly, it is even more likely to occur than the alien invasion scenario.

The world-wide population has been prepared for an alien invasion through predictive programing, blockbuster movies, TV series and contrived official UFO reports focusing on an unknown national security threat. This has led to predictable push-back by those knowledgeable about Von Braun’s warning. However, the Deep State is ready to conduct a clever bait and switch.

Rather than alien invasion, the Deep State instead is ready to launch an alien rescue or salvation!

Why is the Deep State planning to move forward with an alien false flag event now?
What is the difference between a false flag “alien invasion” versus an “alien salvation” event?
Who is Serge Monast and what secrets about Project Bluebeam did he reveal in 1994 that led to his untimely death?
How does the behind-the-scenes power struggle between White Hats/Earth Alliance and the Deep State/Dark Fleet factor into the coming alien false flag event?
What US intelligence agencies are most involved in plans to stage an alien false flag event?
What role is the Vatican playing in preparing to welcome a contrived alien messiah designed to create a new world religion?
Where do different extraterrestrial groups stand on a false flag alien event?

To answer these critical questions and more, Dr. Michael Salla, author of the Amazon best-selling Secret Space Programs series of books (2015-2021) examines what the future holds in store for humanity as we are about to enter the final act in a decades-long titanic battle for dominance over Earth’s future.

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