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Monster hybrid New Age witches are tortured & raped as children to suppress their DNA shapeshifting
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Published 3 months ago |
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (April 2022). Satan Lucifer’s hell’s army of genetically-engineered Draco-gene reptilian hybrid Luciferian theosophy New Age Wicca witch feminists like Jessica Marrocco & Kerry Cassidy & Laura Eisenhower & Benjamin Fulford, who will be used to exterminate the human specie and the Tribulation Saints Christians, are tortured & raped & sodomized as infants and children, in order to prevent them from DNA shapeshifting into their true forms as werewolves and wendigo and vampires and gargoyles and Medusa and minotaur and Sabretooth and hulk nephilim cannibal giants and reptilians and chupacabra. Without this torture and rape process, their true nature will come out and they will transfigure into these monsters. This is why God commanded explicitly in the Bible to not cross-breed between the species, because you create abominations like these chimera aliens that eat humans and “gay mafia elite” sodomize human children. Even when their demon spirits are transferred into human-looking cloned hybrid avatar bodies, these Illuminati NWO LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy child sex magick “gay mafia elite” “bisexual Draco chimera” “quadsexual Pleiadian nephilim” “ multisexual Mantis chimera” “hermaphrodite Pleiadian fallen angel” spirit cooking ritual world rulers and their bosses the earth’s hidden matriarchal rulers pedophile cannibal Satanist reptilian hybrid mother goddess cult New Age Wicca witch feminist politicians and military leaders and congress parliament members and Katy Perry singers and Hollywood celebrities and royal families and popes and church pastors and school teachers and corporate executives and police leaders and CIA NSA MI6 FBI leaders, they still torture & lesbian rape & gay sodomize & sacrifice and eat 12 million human specie children every year, and throw their leftover human meat into the McDonald’s restaurant and supermarket GMO & organic foods. They hate God’s human specie made in the image of the Almighty Holy Righteous Loving Creator God YHWH Jesus. However, when Satan Lucifer and his Shambhala Illuminati top hierarchy “White Lodge Brotherhood” ascended masters “fake good aliens” fallen angel devils activate their 5G frequency, these “Order 666” genocide extermination hell’s army of shapeshifters and hybrids will transfigure into their monster forms. They will start killing, just like when these demon spirits were inside their original bodies of nephilim giants and chimera monsters back in Noah’s Atlantis NWO days. These hybrids are raped and sodomized and tortured while they are infants and children by the Illuminati NWO Draco reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar globalist elites pedophile cannibal Satanist church pastors and witch church members in their churches, who wear Jesus costumes to torture and rape the children, in order to shatter their minds into MK Ultra trauma-based mind-control “multiple personality disorder” D.I.D. slaves. In order to do this, they sodomize them while they are infants and children using lesbian reptilian feminist witch dildos to send electromagnetic pulses up the spine to shatter their minds into thousands of compartments to connect demon spirits in them to use separate alter personalities like assassins and child sex slaves and spies and space fleet personnel and adrenochrome industry child-traffickers. These hybrids are New Age Wicca witch Nazi Vril Druid witchcraft spiritualists, so they necromancy “alien contactee” “ascended master contactee” spirit guide channel these demon spirits and fallen angel devils to bring them into their bodies to control them.

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