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Lou Dobbs - Sidney Powell - Election Fraud Update
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Rick Langley
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Published 3 years ago
“President Trump Won So Many Votes, He Blew Up Their Algorithm” – Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs

I think it’s time for a whole new team across the board Lou. There’s no explanation for the way the FBI has treated witnesses, I mean good American citizens who’ve been brave enough to come forward with direct evidence of things like thousands of ballots moving from one state to another in the middle of the night to do what is called ‘backfilling’ into the machines so that they can perpetrate their fraud because President Trump won so many votes, he blew up their algorithm. The American people blew up the algorithm they created before the election to shave votes from [Trump] and give them to [Biden]. And we’re now seeing direct evidence of that happening in multiple counties in multiple states and we know it happened across the country…
MORE FROM SIDNEY POWELL: Dominion, Smartmatic and China Involved in a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ in the 2020 US Election

Sidney Powell was on with Lou Dobbs last night. She discussed the many crimes she and her team have uncovered in the coup attempt to steal the election away from President Trump.
Sidney Powel Names Four Co-Conspirators, Prepares Massive Rico Case Against Smartmatic, Dominion
sidney powell on lou dobbspresident trump won so many voteshe blew up their algorithmcyber pearl harbor

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