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Atmospheric compression (Planet x-Wormwood system sky effects near Toledo Ohio)Real Talk / READ👇
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High Hopes
Published 2 months ago |

Brandon cory Nagley

Sep 20, 2022 Today is now 9/20/22...i am showing as always the signs in the heavens that Jesus christ (known as yeshua in Hebrew, and called by many different names) warned to be seen before his second coming.Those signs specifically from the (planet x/ nemesis/ nibiru/ Biblical wormwood of Revelation 8/ red dragon (being planet x of Revelation 12) what NASA calls the planet 9 system evidence. ... This video I caught around 8 pm in my skies 10 minutes from toledo Ohio in northwest ohio... had some bizarre atmospheric compression in the Clouds over me earlier.... so wanted to show them and some real talk from me to all of my subscribers and how serious things are right now globally.... Newcomers, Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven ( John 14;6) and the only way to escape the judgement coming( REVELATION 3:10/ REVELATION 12:5/ 1 THESSALONIANS 4/ 1 CORINTHIANS 15/ john 14:3- bible references.) Pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord read BELOW. Newcomers and non-believers) who don't know Jesus as lord simply asking who God is he's love mercy forgiveness and light , God sent his son Jesus to die in your place for your sins on the cross and was buried and rose again the Third day, that if your willing to repent from your sins turn from them and ask Jesus into your soul as your lord and savior you will be saved. Pray you'll read below new people to see how to get to heaven by accepting Jesus as lord the only way to God and heaven and only escape from the judgement hour coming to your planet. Don't know Christ as savior will leave link below website shows biblical way to be saved not man's word , Church and religion won't save us. False prophets won't save you not money or possessions,( nor any other quote "God's" in reality false teachers. It's only through Christ and trusting and faith in him can you be saved. Pray you accept him now. Our times running out. That's not an understatement.

( Learn why, how to be saved in yeshua Jesus Christ) below if read what's up top wanna make Lord Jesus your Messiah and be saved in him and have eternal security. Peace. Through God please say sinner's prayer below . Get yourself a Bible kjv preferably if not that a nkjv... Because many denominations are changing scriptural words and adding also taking words out. Please say prayer below mean it believe it trust Christ now. Your times running out... That's truth.Please note: The Salvation Prayer (sometimes referred to as the Sinner’s Prayer) below, is not an “official prayer” but rather a sample prayer to follow when asking Jesus into your heart. You can pray to God in your own words if you choose. Regarding the location of the Sinner’s Prayer in the Bible? Well, there isn’t one mentioned; it is only implied. The basis of the Sinner’s Prayer comes from Romans 10:9-10. “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Close eyes now bow head

We pray to god the father in his son Jesus' name.


Dear God, I come to you Right now and admit I'm a lost sinner who deserves to go to hell if I died today/tonight. I believe your son Jesus died and rose again the 3rd day as scripture says. I believe your son Jesus is the only way to eternal life and salvation. I want to accept Jesus your son right now into my heart and life. I am turning from my sinfulness right now. And am making Jesus my Lord and Savior. So I ask Jesus be my lord and Savior today, as I turn from these sins I've lived in. Thank you for saving me, as I will live my life for you.

( End prayer in Jesus name)

In Jesus name I pray, amen...

Also follow Christs teaching ( especially loving one another , and forgive always) .to overcome sins let his holy spirit in you work in you, as we all sin and must stay in constant repentance as if do sin, lord is willing to forgive you though you must repent meaning changing your mind, how you think. Think in a new way, with a christ like mind that will help you also turn from sins. And overcome sins.. turn to Christ away from sin. Baptism doesn't save you it comes after you get saved it means Christ's death burial and rising.Here's video to watch newcomers.......

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