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Vaccine Injured Survivor Stories: Canadian Firefighter (Lieutenant) Fights a Myocarditis Nightmare
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Published a year ago |
Lieutenant from British Columbia, Canada. The Firehall that he works at mandated double vaccinations. In good faith, he went out and took his first jab in the summer and then got sick and came down with myocarditis. His doctors will not give him a medical exemption for his condition which is nowhere near back to normal. He does not want to take a second dose, because he is still sick, yet he has to get it to remain employed. He will lose his job, but the spineless doctors fear for their medical licenses if they give the beleaguered firefighter a medical exemption. Listen to what his wife (Jennifer) says about dealing with the medical bureaucracy and social media censorship (she lost her TikTok posts over posting 'medical misinformation'). Thank you for watching and listening.

Jennifer's Rumble Channel: Censored Important Videos

Myocarditis 1st dose - Refused Exemption - Now Treated as Unvaxxed

Jennifer on TikTok

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In the words of Kyle Warner via Anthony Sanchelli, Covid Vaccine Injury Survivors:
"All we want is for this country to have an honest discussion about what's happening."

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