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Geoengineering Is Poisoning Planet: Graphene Found In Rainwater & Wildfires WEAPONIZED
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Published 4 months ago

Global elites are playing God and are trying to control the weather.
Dane Wigington, Executive Producer of the climate engineering documentary, "The Dimming", joins Stew to talk about weather warfare.
According to the media, the world is getting warmer and warmer by the day, and we’re supposedly in the midst of a deadly summer heat wave.
However, Dane Wigington has seen that his own home’s solar power uptake has declined dramatically, and that the forests in the vicinity of his home have declined sharply.
Dane believes he knows the culprit: Global dimming.
Dane’s work has led him to the release, two years ago, of “The Dimming,” a groundbreaking geo-engineering documentary about the plan to slowly starve our planet of sunlight.
Central bankers are ultimately the ones responsible for attempting to block out the sun.
These climate engineering programs have been in operation for over 75 years.
Too many people think the government would ask our permission before they enact these programs and that is simply ignorant.
There is nothing benevolent about these programs.
This is the weaponization of the weather and the earth is being greatly damaged.
This weather engineering weapon is being used to target specific regions with droughts and flash flooding.
Entire populations are being decimated without ever knowing they are actually under attack.
There is also a technology using radio frequency transmissions to control hurricanes and steer them into densely populated areas.
Climate engineering is also the single largest contributing factor to the sudden outbreak of wildfires.
By incinerating forests globalists believe they can block out the sun’s rays and cool the planet.
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