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PATRICK LANCASTER: 01JUL23 - Russian Infantry Artillery Battle on Kharkov Frontline (Special Historic Report)
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Published 5 months ago


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60,472 views Jul 1, 2023 #RussiaUkrainewar #Russia #Ukraine

I traveled with Russian Infantry and assault forces to the very frontline battle fields on the Kharkov Ukraine border and the Belgorod Russian border so you can see the very frontline / border and feel how the situation is when Artillery is getting fired from both sides and you are right in the middle. I also show you historic accounts of the battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces on Kharkov Belgorod battle fields from those Russian soldiers who lived it. In these accounts they Russian soldiers explane the battles when Ukraine forces entered the Belgorod Region of Russia at our location.

Regardless what country you are from and who you support in this war you should be able to admit that these historic accounts need to be recorded for future generations to see.

My name is Patrick Lancaster and I think you deserve more then what the Western main stream media is willing to show you. I think you need to see information for both sides of the contact line.

Why does the Western mainstream media think the world does not deserve to see reports from both sides of the Ukraine War frontline? Why do they only show you(almost all the time) things that are positive for Ukraine? Why when any English Speaking journalists try and show things in Russian-controlled territory they are attacked and attempted to be smeared by the Western MSM? Think about it!!

I believe You deserve MORE and I will make sure you continue to get it here on this channel!!

We can not cover every story from every place but we can do our best & of course, always bring you reports with full Eng & Rus translations.

#RussiaUkrainewar #Russia #Ukraine

I show what the western media will not show you.

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