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Yves Engler: Canada's Key Role in the Russia-Ukraine War
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Geopolitics & Empire
Published 8 months ago |
Canadian activist and author Yves Engler discusses how he recently interrupted talks by the Canadian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to call them out for attempting to start WWIII by helping NATO use Ukraine as a proxy against Russia. Canada has massively increased military spending and devoted $590 million for weapons to Ukraine. He considers the Russian invasion to be both rational and imperialistic. Canada has been a proponent of anti-Russian nationalist forces in Ukraine since before Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union. During the 2004 Orange Revolution the Canadian Ambassador openly admitted they were coordinating the opposition in Ukraine. The Canadian government played a key role in the 2014 coup, where protestors used the Canadian Embassy. It's said that a former Canadian defense minister is the godfather of the modern Ukrainian military. He's not seeing an off-ramp to the conflict. The media is completely pushing the drumbeats of war.

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About Yves Engler
Yves Engler is a Montréal-based activist and author who has published 12 books including his latest Stand on Guard For Whom? A People’s History of the Canadian Military. Yves was born in Vancouver to left-wing parents who were union activists and involved in international solidarity, feminist, anti-racist, peace and other progressive movements. In addition to marching in demonstrations he grew up playing hockey. He was a peewee teammate of former NHL star Mike Ribeiro at Huron Hochelaga in Montréal before playing in the B.C. Junior League.

Yves first became active in Canadian foreign policy issues in the early 2000s. It was only after Ottawa helped overthrow the democratically elected Haitian government in 2004 that Yves began to seriously question Canada’s peacekeeper self-image. As he learned about Canada’s contribution to violent, anti-democratic policies in Haiti, Yves began to directly challenge this country’s foreign policy. Over the next three years he traveled to Haiti and helped organize dozens of marches, talks, actions, press conferences, etc. critical of Canada’s role in the country. Yves also co-authored Canada in Haiti: Waging War Against the Poor Majority and helped establish the Canada Haiti Action Network.

As the situation in Haiti stabilized Yves began reading everything he could find about Canadian foreign policy, which culminated in the Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy. This research also began a process that led to his other books. Ten of his twelve titles are about Canada’s role in the world.

In recent years Yves has sought to mobilize activists to confront politicians through peaceful, direct action. He has interrupted about two dozen speeches/press conferences by the prime minister, ministers and opposition party leaders to question their militarism, anti-Palestinian positions, climate policies, imperialism in Haiti and efforts to topple Venezuela’s government.

Yves played an important role in the successful campaign to oppose Canada’s bid for a seat on the UNSC. He is a founder of the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute.

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