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Phenibut as a Nootropic: The Socially Lubricating Anti Anxiety Smart Drug Cosmonauts Used
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Published 2 years ago |
Phenibut has an intimate relationship with the GABA receptors, sometimes even compared to alcohol, it's a purveyor of a tranquil and euphoric mind. It's commonly used in Nootropic stacks to 'take the edge off' the intensely focused and energetic state of mind that smart drugs induce.

All Science References & Sources

Powdered Phenibut (Peak Nootropics)
Capsuled Phenibut [Nootropics Depot] (EU & UK)

Phenibut Infographic

Vitamin B6, which is an ingredient in the chemical manufacture of GABA.

Recommended Daily:
500-1500 Milligrams, up to 3000 Milligrams. Split up into two daily dosages.

Side Effects:
Phenibut can 'intoxicate' you and there are even some anecdotal reports of 'Phenibut hangovers' at higher dosages.

Under no circumstances to be mixed with GHB or benzodiazepines. Mixing it with alcohol may result in unconsciousness and blackouts.

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