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A13. MMS Stories: AUTISM and CHLORINE DIOXIDE - 9 Testimonials of the Parents
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published 7 months ago |
Autism is one of the most Complex & Controversial disorders on the planet. It is risky for any one to talk about a Cause or a Cure because of the potential backlash from the media and public. Add Chlorine Dioxide to the conversation of Autism, and you get an even more explosive topic. Parents are then accused of using a "bleach" on their children. Yet, watch and hear these brave parents tell their stories about how using Chlorine Dioxide safely has helped their children like no ther treatment has. Several of their faces are blurred out to protect them from ridicule and negative media press that has followed other parents in the past. But...Chlorine Dioxide works. It is safe and effective against Autism. Regardless of the cause of Autism, thousands are winning the fight against it. And the cost of all of the Chlorine Dioxide is under $100.
(A message to trolls. Please bring good grammar and science to the conversation. It adds credibility to your work.)

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