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Direct-pay Access for Complete Health Care?
Published 2 months ago


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Direct-pay Access for Complete Health Care?

Jawad Arshad, MD - founder WoW Health




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Six years ago, Dr. Arshad set on a course to bring financial transparency to the patient-provider relationship by developing a platform to connect patients directly to providers. He recognized everyone actually already WAS a “cash-pay” patient because even with insurance, due to copays, deductibles, and coinsurances, everyone is still paying hefty, out-of-pocket expenses for their health care.

Though attempts have been made by government policies to bring transparency to the true cost of care, health systems have resisted any change – often by dumping data to meet compliance but not in a way with which consumers could benefit.

WoW Health has gone through the necessary pivots over the years to find the right market fit, and needs, of the consumer market.

Dr. Arshad will share how WoW Health is bridging the gap of access to care and making it affordable for everyone to have meaningful benefits across a complete spectrum of healthcare services.

Dr. Arshad explains more about how it works, and how more Americans can share in the savings and satisfaction of transparency with a powerful, solution-oriented, membership based healthcare model.

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