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Steve Kirsch: COVID Shot Adulterated Gene Sequence Opens Pfizer Up to Litigation | Ep 129
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Published 4 months ago

Steve Kirsch’s initial reaction on what’s happened since he broke the news this weekend that the COVID shots contained plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences, opening up the vaccine manufacturers to liability that was previously protected prior to the knowledge of adulteration under EUA and the Prep Act. He joins Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA to discuss what comes next, how serious the adulterated SV40 promoter gene sequence that was found in all the vials is. The difference between how Pfizer and Moderna used SV40 and what long-term implications this can have on the legal system, our government and people’s health. He also talks about the importance of the upcoming film Shot Dead, and how his first-hand experience with friends dying after the shot thrust him into this fight.Show more

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