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Australia Smoke Circles Southern Hemisphere Taal Erupts (936)
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ADAPT 2030 | Solar Minimum
Published 3 months ago |
Dust, ask and smoke in both hemispheres causing strange weather extremes. Australia ash/smoke cloud from fires passed over New Zealand causing summer snow, South America next for that plume to pass over. Taal erupts in Philippines on the same low solar activity lows as was seen in 1913 which we reached in Dec 2019. Dust storms the length of Australia add to the blowing ash/smoke from the wildfires there. Question: How much debris in our atmosphere does it take before temperatures drop?

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'Cold southerly intrusion' brings summer snow to parts of South Island, New Zealand
Wildfires in Australia create a smoke cloud in the southern hemisphere, covering over 12.000km!
Smoke animation Australia wildfires to South America over New Zealand creating Summer Snow
Massive dust storm across Australia extends almost the total width of the continent
Powerful eruption at Taal volcano, volcanic ash to 16.7 km (55 000 feet) a.s.l., Philippines


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