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Mark Passio - Tesla & Humanity's Missing Paradigm Shift
Published 3 years ago
The manifestation of Free Energy through Tesla Technology is entirely dependent upon a particular type of Spiritual Paradigm Shift that must take place first in the body of Humanity. This Paradigm Shift was hinted at by Tesla himself, but unfortunately, that necessary shift in consciousness still has not occurred at the level required to break the stranglehold of our current corrupt, polluting and unsustainable energy systems. In this presentation, Mark Passio discusses what this spiritual shift in consciousness entails, and some of the reasons why we are still so far away from achieving it as a species.

Recorded January 12, 2019
At the Nikola Tesla Conference, New York, NY
Hosted By The Tesla Science Foundation:

Videographer: Nathan Ribble
Associate Producer: Leiha Boone
Video Editor: Jeff Ritter

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