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EMF extremely high fluctuating readings. Fort Worth Texas
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EMF extremely high fluctuating readings. Fort Worth Texas . Taken at the Quality inn on Cherry Street, 5-10 minutes from Lockheed Martin. As I have read articles of their involvement in Electronic Warfare programs directed at US civilians this is worrisome. We find close to a 80 year history of human experimentation and bio testing in the USA, these experiments in the past carried out by defense contractors, CIA, universities, etc, we also find much written of the FBI’s involvement with other intelligence and security agencies in a new Cointelpro operation which now targets activist, whistleblowers as well as civilians nationwide.

exposure to high levels of nonionizing energy, such as at radio wave frequencies, can damage the structure and function of the nervous system. For example, microwave frequencies below 3,000 megahertz can penetrate the outer layers of the skin, be absorbed in the underlying tissues, and result in all of the known biological effects of heating, including burns, cataracts, and possibly death. Indeed, government regulators set most exposure limits to ensure that the amount of tissue heated by the absorption of energy is not in excess of what the body can take.

In the modern World we are surrounded by Radio Frequencies, EF and EMF. With advancing technology promising to soon build a bridge between this technology and the Human race itself we must question the effects that this integration will have on the mind, body and spirit.
In this article about DARPA we read about the coming interface of AI and the Human mind using magnetic fields, electric fields as well as radiofrequencies.

“The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron. These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms. And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.“
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