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Published 6 months ago

A sense of urgency comes with the recent spiritual/angelic messages that Kent has received. The Crossover is the collective movement of planetary bodies, shifting in their orbits and shifting in their electromagnetic poles, causing movement in atomic particles. It is related to the crossing of the intergalactic field and the galactic meridian and begins a new cycle of higher conceptual learning for humanity. The Crossover will result in much volcanic activity, massive earthquakes and a shift of ocean water. It is necessary to bring the Earth back into balance, and through the balancing of Earth, bringing humanity back into balance. However, it will result a devastated landscape and in the forfeiture of many lives. We need to prepare for it. Also, there is a correlation between the messages that Kent Miller receives while in deep meditation and astrological predictions. The link to Pam Gregory's recent astrology report is below for comparison. This is an update to our June release of The Crossover is Coming Soon, which goes into more detail and is also linked below.

CORRECTION: The OUTER PLANETS are going to be slowing down during this transit, according to the spiritual guides. The Earth's spin has been speeding up, according to science.

Pam Gregory's Full Super Moon in Pisces Astrology Report:

Kent and Renee Miller's Earth is Entering the Crossover Soon:


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