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100k Vaccine Challenge Extended
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Published 5 months ago |
If you have watched Vaccine Challenge 10k.
You can pick up right where you left off at 18:00 minutes in.

🟢 Paul Offit's infamous statement that vaccines are so safe, you could vaccinate a newborn with 100k shots without a fuss. (100k of saline shots would kill you).

🟢 Robert Kennedy Jr's $100k Vaccine Challenge.

🟢 Alex Jones & Mike Adam's Vaccine Challenge.

🟢 What's in Vaccines?
Discuss common ingredients found in vaccines:
• Aluminum
• Formaldehyde
• Thimerosal
• Polysorbate 80(Tween80)
• TritonX100
• Glyphosate
• Human & Animal Tissue/ DNA
• Flouride

🟢 Vaccine Studies (or lack their of...)
• Autism Studies
• Animal Studies
• Pregnancy Studies
• Nocebo Placebo

🟢 Aluminum & Mercury Volumes in Vaccines

🟢 The Difference between Ethyl Mercury & Methyl Mercury

🟢 Synergistic compounds in Vaccines and their effects

👤You might recognize some of these faces:
• Robert Kennedy Jr
• Ty Bollinger
• Dr. John Bergman DC
• Dr. Larry Palevski MD
• Dr. Paul Thomas MD
• Dr. Toni Bark MD
• Dr. Irvin Sahni MD
• Dr. Robert Scott Bell DA HOM
• Dr. Bernadine Healy MD
• Dr. Sherri J. TenPenny DO
• Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
• Dr. David Ayoub MD
• Dr. Vas Opashian PhD
• Dr. Andy Cutler PhD
• Dr. William W. Thompson PhD
• Dr. Eric Zelinsky DC
• Dr. Rima E. Laibow
• Stephanie Senneff
• Del Bigtree
• Mike Adams-Health Ranger
• Alex Jones
• Tom Barnett

📽️ Media
TheTruthAboutVaccines Series
Trace Amounts
Silent Epidemic

🎼 Music
30 Seconds To Mars -Fantasy

🌐 Ty Bollinger's Website:

📽️ Watch The Truth About Vaccines Series:

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