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Endless Pandemics: Snail Conotoxins, "Zombie" Tetrodotoxin, and Co\/ID/Jab Connection
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Ba'al Busters
Published 3 months ago |

Tetrodotoxin isn't just found in puffer fish that the Haitian Voodoo doctors use to make "zombie powder." It's also one of 70,000 combinations of toxins in Cone Snails!!!  And researchers were studying the TTX (tetrodotoxin) specifically.

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This is video is Huge in Importance. If you pick up on what I'm saying, this ties EVERYTHING together without the need for demons or sci-fi technology to explain what we're seeing. It unravels the mystery as to why certain things work to get you feeling better. It explains and arranges the building blocks Dr Ardis has given me these past several months. This is truly the Video to watch to further the understanding of this whole plague of shots, illness, reactions, and tyranny!

Dirty link to the article (proxied)

In the published report it says the cone snail toxin can have an effect like Electrocution. The people with the spins seem to then seizure out, and the shaker channel is also mentioned, which looks very similar to the twitching and convulsing seen when someone is Electrocuted.

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