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Newsbreak 129 | Tony Gosling, Holding the Line | UK Journalists Question the Official Narrative
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Ramola D Reports
Published 4 months ago |
Informative conversation with Tony Gosling on the subject of Holding the Line a group of mostly UK journalists working in mainstream media but concerned about the rampant censorship and keen to cover all being-concealed aspects of the plandemic and the vaccines including the deaths and adverse reactions. We cover a range of topics including psych damage to children, biowarfare from the virus in Tony's view—not proved to exist, as I noted (not a view, a fact)--which he says is a classified bioweapon whose genome sequence cannot be shared (hmm). I am more inclined toward Terrain theory these days and found it amazing that Dr. Judy Mikovits a molecular biologist and virologist questions germs and viruses too, speaking with Dr. Robert Young on Panel 1-Carnicom Update released on August 6, 2021 about the non-isolating of any virus and the fact that what is passed for isolation is a mess of cell lines and mixed genetic matter from various sources including mycospores and microbes which are fermented over time and create potent toxins—which might explain why people drop dead from vaccines generally, not just these mRNA and PEGylated lipids with graphene ones from the bowels of the military industrial pharmaceutical complex (both Pfizer and Moderna had conracts with DARPA to develop these stealth-agenda vaccines).

Tony addressed the question of editorial gatekeeping holding back truth in journalism, pointed to the good work of many BBC journalists including the documentary Trust WHO? Which may be hard to find, a previous documentary by Adam Pierson on eugenics—Science's Darkest Secrets—and shared information from Wikispooks on the Bilderbergers, a motley crew of tech CEOs, military industrial talking-heads, billionaires and royalty steeped in secrecy and deceit, all keen to destroy humanity as we know it.

Tony Gosling's web site:

Holding the Line website:
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