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Live Chat with Paul; -103- More FOIA and Other Researched + Investigated UFO cases from Rob UK
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Published 3 months ago |

#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #alien #aliens #fraudchannels #UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps) (0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted! (rough time locations) [00:00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show [00:01:00] (1b) Coming Up! More UFO cases from Rob [00:02:00] (2) Main Topics begins - Rob Farmer brings us more researched and investigated UK UFO cases. [00:07:00] (3) GabberBeastTV joins Rob on side voice. [00:09:00] (4) Rob talks about UFOs over Earth and Bledsoe failed lie detector and changed his story to that he said to MUFON! while fixes the auto-switching on Jitsi. [00:11:00] (5) Billy Meier - Gabber talks about the shill [00:16:00] (6) Rob talks about Jaime (haime) Meusann being such a shill [00:19:00] (7) Pauls head rest broken.. dam MIB again! lol [00:20:00] (8) Gabber talks about new interesting captures hes got sky watching. [00:22:00] (9) Rob/Gabber talk about Dr Greer Documentaries and his claims. [00:28:00] (10) Paul talks about we could make lots of money shilling too but we have morals and wouldnt sleep at night. [00:31:00] (11) Rob now talks about an exclusive UFO case he got.. [00:32:00] (12) Paul side-tracks on cloaking tech and recent car show where skin of car can be any color! / colour! show some clips of it.. what has military got? [00:42:00] (13) Resumes Robs UFO cases [01:08:00] (14) The next UFO case is from Kent UK. [01:17:00] (15) Look up location of google maps [01:34:00] (16) more Shills of UFOlogy talk.. Dolan and Grant Cameron and TOE Curt last Live show full of shills. [01:44:00] (17) Paul steps away to turn on fan and toilet, left guys to talk. [01:47:00] (18) Paul comes back the boyz missed him heh Gabber loves aaanil probes. [01:55:00] (19) Rob talks about 2 abduction cases in south Wales. [01:58:00] (20) Paul asks Rob about Aliens healing people and then talks about his own personal visit and how solved his back pain and seemed like proof it wasnt a dream or mental illusion. [02:25:00] (21) Mike King talks again about his alien School mate and Rob leaves. [02:32:00] (22) Paul catches up on side comments and talks more about CPUs and the laptop issues he had. [02:56:00] (23) Talk about Quantum Computers and Pauls provides a link to a old live full of info about them not replacing normal cpus but will be like a math coprocessor for 3d cards or like a p-core and call it a q-core [03:00:00] (24) Paul resumes cases with Orange Orbs in New Zealand Paul warps up for the night.... cheers Paul. Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, ( A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout is now HERE! ( cheers Paul. All Links can be found here to socials and beyond! our website is listed there *** If you want to support my work with a donation as low as $1 a month then thanks very much *** Find all ways to donate here including monthly options That do NOT take 30 percent of the donation like google does! Purchase my Tshirt Designs and Other Merc Here ( I Earn from $3 to $5 per Item which goes towards production costs) Thanks to the Following Paul S. (Music) Free Music Archive (creative commons music) Lobo_Loco_-_01_-_Technomagus_City_ID_501.mp3 sometimes other tunes or a mix of 2 Elvis_Herod_-_07_-_Eggs_Toast_Gas_Fish.mp3 Marc_Burt_-_04_-_Elements_Psychadelik_Pedestrian_chillout_edit. ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under rules of Fair Use. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting


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