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The Digital Dictators and the Deep State Playing the Devils Chess Board
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Published 2 years ago
Here is the big secret about the devil's chessboard: all the pieces are players, and all the players on his chessboard, no matter what apparent color, belong to him. He is always playing both sides, all sides on his chessboard. On his chessboard, all his pieces are expendable, and are in fact sacrificed in the course of his game. There is only one way for you to win on the devil's chessboard. That would be, don't play!

Until the devil's chessboard comes to an end (that is very quickly approaching) we are all effected by it, even if we don't belong to it. Now, it is like the end of most any chess match, which usually involves the biggest, most powerful pieces, and the biggest power moves. Covid-19 is one of the biggest power moves we've seen on the devil's chessboard. Since we are all affected by it, it behooves us to take a closer look at the players, the strategy and the real objectives, so we can get out of the line of fire. Hopefully getting a better view of the board will enable us to see through deceptions so we can pray and act according to the truth.

This video was originally live-streamed on May 1, 2020. Read our May 2020 Tsiyon News edition about it:

The video's content was updated Dec of 2021 to include information about the present-day Mind Control the world is currently experiencing on a global scale. Read our Tsiyon News update here:
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