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Lots of info about plants and fungi that, when consumed, have a beneficial effect on one’s well-being. #FoodIsMedicine #HowTo kick any invasive parasite’s ass #PESTCONTOL I’m a bit of an expert There’s 4x ways to control ANY pest. In this video, we see the first way with echinacea purpurea, purple coneflower. It’s commonly available in 500mg capsules plus easy to grow #GYOF. Echinacea stimulates white blood cell production; white blood cells are like your body’s Customs/Border Patrol/ /Soldiers/Goon Squad. I like how it tastes, and empty capsules into tea, but get ‘em in however you pref and grow your army! This is MANUAL control. Using anti-oxidants helps the red blood cells- they’re the box trucks full of oxygen- deliver oxygen to tissues and cells… “with less traffic”. Thus cell waste and dead parasites, free radicals are taken away faster and nutrients are more available to the cells. Then, with tea or steam, we kill germs with heat. This is ENVIRONMENTAL control. If this video, and the afore-linked video aren’t enough, I have #SuperFood Super Smoothie videos on my channel- this vid has a frame from one of ‘em. You should be able to kick most germs’ asses with those two, but there’s two more! An example of BIOLOGICAL control: Amoxycillin. It’s a fungus that eats bacteria, and there’s a few different ones you’ll get in your Jase Case. Use my code PESTCONTROL and get $10 off your emergency antibiotics, Ivermectin can be added to your kit, and you’ll be ready to kick an ear infections’ ass, malarias’ ass, tonsillitis’ ass, parasitic worms’ asses, black plagues’ ass, pretty much any biological microbial ass that could ever need kicking, that you couldn’t kick with echinacea moringa honey tea and garlic chicken soup. Direct link at www.linktree/mjtank108

Moringa, yes! Pure moringa powder; moringa + herbal teas; moringa + CHAGA gummies; 15% off your order from KuliKuli with the link on as seen in this video! The moringa, yes, and #Chagagangsta. #LifeHacks #SuperFoods #GreenPilled

Enjoy your favorite healing beverage in the IMMUNE #GreenPilled mug. The typical 11oz ceramic one is gold-yellow on the inside and the handle, too, cuz #DesignerVision psychological well-being. #MentalHealth Enjoy some lion’s mane mushroom while we’re talkin’ #MentalWellness neuro bene’s The 25oz IMMUNE #GreenPilled travel mug is stainless steel with a plastic/rubber lid- more volume, more spill proof, more insulated. Choose your #GreenPilled mug at

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