Will It Be Death By "Climate Change"? A Talk With The Heartland Institute's H. Sterling Burnett
98 views • 05/19/2023

Will It Be Death By "Climate Change"? A Talk With The Heartland Institute's H. Sterling Burnett | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/21/23

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Thanks to the combined and persistent efforts of our fake educational system, our criminal and dishonest mainstream media, government agencies and their corporate and NGO partners, most of us have been taught to have blind faith in authority. It is called getting our information from what the censors of true information term "trusted sources." During the just officially ended fake pandemic, those trusted sources included such luminaries as the CDC, the W.H.O. and local public "health" authorities. Following their guidance, businesses were destroyed, economies were severely damaged, people learned to see each other as dangerous sources of infection, suicide rates skyrocketed while birth rates plummeted, and millions were disabled or killed by allowing themselves to be injected with the most deadly vaccine ever promoted by the medical drug dealers. All this in fear of a virus never even truly isolated (proven to exist) by valid scientific protocols (see The Truth About Contagion by Tom Cowan, M.D. and Sally Fallon

This 'plandemic' was a successful test of our willingness to commit social, economic and personal suicide by following and enforcing the orders of our genocidal global rulers. So now they are preparing to repeat the operation on a larger scale. The next pandemic is in the works, but lockdowns and police state atrocities will also be justified by the threat of devastating "climate change", caused by evil humans like you, using energy and heartlessly exhaling the dreaded poison CO2. Climate Change is also blamed for the emergence of deadly viruses "from the jungles," that will make the next wave of lockdowns and forced poisoned shots necessary for our protection.

In an effort to help neutralize this kind of deadly nonsense, I have been trying to get a climate scientist who is not beholden to any government agency, UN affiliate or corrupt corporation, to come on the show. So on our latest broadcast, you can meet an expert in climate science, an environmentalist, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy, Dr. H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. ( We'll have a spontaneous discussion, non-partisan, no positions or labels to defend. Is man-made climate change a threat to our lives? Tune into the show and find out.

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Richard Sacks, Host

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