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UNBELIEVABLE - Cov19 Vaccine Is A New Injection Technology to Remove the Human GOD Gene
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Published 3 years ago
This video reveals, in detail, the ultimate goal of the new mRNA technology through CRISP for the purpose of altering the genetic design of the human body. This presentation is an extensive overview of how the scientific world is moving forward to redesigning the human population for prevention of disease; but also, for a nefarious & sinister purpose - to remove the GOD gene from the mind of mankind. It appears that Fauci, Gates, the WHO and the NIH with DARPA, CIA, the CHINESE, and other groups were actively involved in these plans back 2015 and before! At the 59:00 minute mark, the Moderna CEO openly admits they are "hacking the software of life"!! At 1:20:00 minutes he speaks about scientists knowing about "shedding' from viruses in 1995; in 2020, a Japanese study make a HUGE revelations of the mRNA injection. See search results here:;sc=xjx0o5nmAFLE10
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Some "interesting", but alarming articles discussing various applications of this "new" technology:

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5. Self-amplifying mRNA Vaccines info:
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