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The Alberino Report - Jeffrey Epstein
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Published a year ago

Timothy Alberino covers different aspects of Jeffrey Epstein life: Jeffrey Epstein's private real-estate island labeled "Pedophile Island", his private Boeing 727, which locals dubbed "The Lolita Express", his arrest, death, and the possibility of a "Dead Man's Switch" being in place.

With Epstein's belief in trans-humanism and his dream of becoming "post-human", Epstein was eager for the advancement of technologies that would enable him to genetically and cybernetically enhance his mind and body, donating considerable sums of money to the cause.

The Jeffrey Epstein foundation gave $100,000 to pay the salary of Ben Goertzel, vice chairman of the transhumanist organization Humanity Plus and financed the OPEN COG project which developed software, quote, "Designed to give rise to human equivalent artificial general intelligence".

Humanity Plus


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