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Mass COVID Vaccine Injuries, Deaths. It's Like A War THEY Are Covering Up.
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Published 2 years ago |
It's Like A War Memorial Wall
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Linked Above is a living example of WHY it is so important to DOCUMENT and report ALL vaccine injuries, disease and death. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter... are purging this COVID vaccine injury, disease, death stories as fast as they are being posted. This can only be a fraction of the death and destruction that is happening. This is only the tip of a much bigger death iceberg to come once these binary bioweapons start to produce the proteans in peoples cells that wound up Kill ALL the test animals when testing this so-called vaccine technology in the run up to the vaccine.. See testimonials...

The people who have been brainwashed to take these binary bioweapons are NOT the enemy. Those running this and aiding and abetting the cover up ARE. I do believe with EVERYONE documenting the carnage their WILL be 'real' trials and accountability down the road.

What I find extremely interesting is that these are real world alarm bells going off, by REAL people. Alarm bells being sounded that were in NO WAY, were going off like this in all of 2020, when the so-called ‘pandemic of the century’ was killing this massive amount of people. We are supposed to believe a massive amount of people died from this never in a lifetime pandemic. Of course, if you start to NOT count all the people who died from gun shots, car accidents, co-morbidities, like any thousands that people naturally die from each and every year who were counted as COVID deaths, then the lack in sheer volume of people coming forward as when compared to those speaking out on this vaccine killing their loved ones, makes a whole lot more sense.
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