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The Colourless Pill You'll Swallow Sideways. Your Future Chinafication. The Great Reset
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Published 2 months ago |
Well it seems my place in [sic] Goolag is guaranteed, that or Covided.
When most people think of the re-education camps in China holding Uighurs, Rohingya and other ethnic minorities that the CCP find undesirable, it's generally not perceived in a positive light.
Now when you consider that Chatham House have recently been tasked with a two year research project to look at redrafting human rights, it should be looked at with extreme concern when Chatham are discussing the potential export of the Chinese extreme surveillance model.

Here I show some prime snippets. The whole discussion can be seen here:

And the paper on the topic.

If anyone out there is screaming no, no, we're not getting a Social Credit System, they're correct. You're getting a Social Value Reward System.
That can be clarified through the work done by the Boston Global Forum in collaboration with Harvard and MIT.

Anyone out there seeing traffic calming schemes closing roads which ultimately create closed community grids. Well soon, the chances are your neighbour in the rainbow T shirt will be the secret police.

This isn't tin foil hat territory, it's the unfolding reality!
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