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▶️ Criteria For Evaluating Blockchain Social Platforms - What I Don't Recommend | EP#397
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Published 2 years ago |
These are some criteria I use to evaluate and determine if I would recommend a blockchain social platform. There are probably other reasons to not recommend something, but the categories I cover serve as good criteria to refer to.

Before I release my comprehensive review for my next video, I wanted to do this to dive into the reasoning behind the recommendations I will share.

00:00 Intro
01:40 Too Niche
03:10 Lacking Media Functionality
03:57 Messenger-Based
05:27 Too Much Resistance
07:14 Not Working/Lacks Users
08:11 Invite-Only
08:54 Requires Download
09:31 Requires You To Spend Crypto
11:55 Non-English Speaking
12:11 Requires Verification
13:26 EOS/Tron Dapps Issues
17:02 Doesn’t Truly Utilize Blockchain
17:43 Not Free To Use
18:04 Blockchain With Social Dapps
22:14 Outro & Final Thoughts

Reasons To Not Recommend A Blockchain Social Platform:
1. Too Niche
• These platforms may be great, but they are so niche that I wouldn’t recommend them to a general audience, but if they fit your niche they may be interesting for you.
2. Lacking Media Functionality
• These platforms lack media functionality meaning they may not allow pictures or videos and thus lack good content.
3. Mainly Messenger-Based
• I don’t care much for messenger alternatives when most social platforms offer messengers within their dapps. This review is mainly for actual social media platform dapps.
4. Too Much Resistance Signing Up Or Using It
• They make it too challenging to get started or to use the platform to get adopted.
5. Not Working/Lacking Users/No Engagement
• This is self-explanatory. It’s either not working, has little to no community, and or no engagement or interaction from the community which may go hand in hand.
6. Invite Only
• If it’s invite only, it won’t get adopted until it’s opened up.
7. Requires Download
• Most people want a simple browser experience or a mobile application. Needing to download something on your PC is a huge resistance point and likely will limit adoption.
8. Requires Spending Crypto To Interact
• It’s unrealistic to expect the average person to come from legacy platforms who is willing to pay for everything they previously did for free even if they have the potential to make money when they can make money for free elsewhere.
9. Non-English
• These may be great platforms for other languages but don’t properly support English users and given I’m English speaking only, I will only review English platforms.
10. Requires Verification/Verification Doesn’t Work
• Requires too much information like your driver’s license just to use the platform or they require a phone verification or something similar but it doesn’t work and thus preventing you from having full access to the platform.
11. EOS/TRON Dapps That Don’t Work
• The majority of TRON & EOS dapps do not work. Whether it’s due to EOS congestion or poor design, most Dapps for social media do not work well. EOS & TRON are best to stick with gambling which was their original use case. There are some that do work like EOS, but even then it must run on EOSIO and is still not very good.
12. Fake Or Valueless Blockchain
• The platform claims to use blockchain or have a cryptocurrency when it really doesn’t or it does, but it has no value or no way to retrieve the value from it.
13. Not Free To Use
• This is any platform that charges you money to use the platform on a subscription basis.

What other criteria would you include? Do you agree with these categories? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!
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