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Warning! Arrests Have Begun! And Now They're Coming For Us!
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Published 3 years ago
Warning! Arrests Have Begun! DHS Issues Terrorism Advisory Over ‘Domestic Extremists’ And Now They're Coming For Us! [excellent video]

On today’s broadcast:
You may have heard by now about the new Department Of Homeland Security Terrorism Advisory Over ‘Domestic Extremists’…but did you read the details? Oh if you did, you’d be absolutely terrified. This is more about silencing ALL DISSENT, ARRESTING ALL THAT DISAGREE and ENDING ANY CONTRARY OPINIONS! The arrests have already begun…they literally just arrested a MEME maker…that’s right, arrested a MEME maker who was pro-Trump FOR MAKING CARTOONS! The 1st AMENDMENT is OFFICIALLY SUSPENDED!

God Speed and God Bless,
Justus Knight
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