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King of kings broadcasts - part 10 of 10
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Biblical Solution
Published 4 months ago |

Part 10 "At The Gates of His Kingdom" (conclusion)Much like how the Israelites waited at the gates of the promised land on the wilderness side of the Jordan for 40 years, we too, must now wait (and whatever length of time that will be) until the Father determines that enough of the rebellious and unwilling among us are gone, and we who remain are responsibly fully refined back to the acceptible levels of being as silver and gold souls as Zechariah analogizes of in 13:9.But have we thought through all of the deeper nuances and stipulations that are to be required of us?   ...meaning those of us who are being called to seriously heed and respect His true instructions in our time?   ...or are we still snubbing our noses at the better voices that are trying to reach us with these more mature levels of faith and love that must come of a truly converted heart?  Are we sure that we are really waiting at the gates as worthy hopefuls in good standing, having come to that gate with our lamps trimmed and a true wedding garment on?  What say all ye?

This series was originally recorded in the spring of 2019, and is purposed as inspiration for those who are yearning to be more aware of how we are all to be dedicated representatives of YHWH's kingdom, no longer trying to serve two masters with the world.

Blessings to all who diligently seek His righteousness, adapting it as their own.

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